Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chestnut Hand Dyed Wool w/ Free Felting Needle

Chestnut Hand Dyed Raw Sheep's Wool
Chestnut Hand Dyed Raw Sheep's Wool

This is a gorgeous Cotswold Sheep's Wool that I dyed a beautiful chestnut color. It is approx. 5" ...
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Prim Red Hand dyed wool with free felting needle

Prim Red- Hand Dyed Cotswold Sheep's Wool
Prim Red- Hand Dyed Cotswold Sheep's Wool

This is a gorgeous Cotswold Sheep's Wool that I dyed a prim red. This fleece got a blue ribbon at a ...


As many of you know the wool has become a big part of my business. It goes hand in hand with the patterns. Last weekend I attended a large wool festival. They are just amazing to go to. It seems like i continue to learn more and more about wool and the differnt types of sheep. I watched fleeces being judged. That was so interesting. I never realized that if a sheep was unhealthy how easily the wool pulls apart and breaks off. I watched the most gorgeous fleece come out to be judged. The judge even though it would be the winner. But when he pulled on it to check for strength it broke off and came apart easily. Now I know to always do the snap test before I buy a fleece to sell to my customers. I got one of the top ten fleeces. A gorgeous Cotswold. Just amazing! You can find it in the wool section of my website. It sells for 5.99 an ounce. Here is a picture.
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New Pattern

Each time I create a new pattern it feels like such an accomplishment. It is with great pleasure I bring my latest one to you. It is actually 3 patterns for the price of one. You get the rooster pattern,uncle Sam and the flag ornament with the little eagle. It is so much fun. I really enjoyed creating it. A nice piece of Americana.
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Friday, April 27, 2007

New Pattern

Hi, It has been awhile. I have been busy creating new designs and painting my shop. It is almost time to open for the season. Time sure flies.
My new pattern is a Gardening Hare. What fun this one is. No making cloths because they are painted on. He holds a bunch of carrots and peas.

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Well, it is back to the drawing board. Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My short vacation

It is pouring down rain in Vt. The snow is melting and everything looks dirty. I am ready for green grass and flowers. Anyway I am working on a new felting kit. Felting is an addicting hobby for sure.
I was able to spend several days at my daughters. She has 11 month old twin boys. They are at a really cute age. I have to share.
Have a great day, Gloria

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I am sorry. The button is E-notes for the free note paper down load.

Free Note Paper

If you go to Note paper and scroll down you will notice there is no price. That is because if you click onto them you will see the pdf file is there for the taking. A little FREE gift to my customers. Thanks and have a great day,

Monday, February 19, 2007

The bunny in the post

Hi again,
The bunny in the above post is my Easter Bunny with Egg pattern. On the pattern of the cover he has 1930' fabric. Here he has a felted egg. ( I spoke of this technique in my first blog). And his cloths are country colors. This bunny is up for auction on Ebay.
Have a nice Monday.
P.S. Please give me some suggestions on tips you would like me to write about.

Good Monday morning

BRRR it is a cold morning. I just can't believe how high the snow banks are. I have never seen them this high and I am a grandmother of 9 so you know I am not a spring chicken.
I would like to discuss Gesso today. Gesso is a white creamy primer for artist and craft's people. I love to use this on some of my painted folk art pieces. Paint a coat of it on your muslin and sand lightly after it is dry. This leaves a nice smooth surface for the coat of acrylic. This is the beginning step for creating that wonderful aged soft worn leather. You will see it in many of my patterns. My animals especially. This bunny has been base coated with gesso.

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Friday, February 16, 2007


My goal to my blog is to give you free tips. My first tip is on needle felting your doll's hair on. About a year ago I discovered and amazing technique. It was so easy I couldn't believe it. I was on the phone with a friend at the time. I think she thought I had lost my mind when I began to squeal with joy. No more hot glue guns or stitching hair on. Simply lay a small clump of raw clean sheep's wool onto your doll's head. Then just begin poking your felting needle into the doll's head. The tiny barbs on the felting needle forces some fibers into the head,thus securing it. I carry some wonderful wool in my web site and in my Ebay store. Each bag of wool comes with a FREE needle and free instructions.
Stay warm,