Thursday, May 17, 2007


As many of you know the wool has become a big part of my business. It goes hand in hand with the patterns. Last weekend I attended a large wool festival. They are just amazing to go to. It seems like i continue to learn more and more about wool and the differnt types of sheep. I watched fleeces being judged. That was so interesting. I never realized that if a sheep was unhealthy how easily the wool pulls apart and breaks off. I watched the most gorgeous fleece come out to be judged. The judge even though it would be the winner. But when he pulled on it to check for strength it broke off and came apart easily. Now I know to always do the snap test before I buy a fleece to sell to my customers. I got one of the top ten fleeces. A gorgeous Cotswold. Just amazing! You can find it in the wool section of my website. It sells for 5.99 an ounce. Here is a picture.
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