Friday, March 7, 2008

My New Pattern & New Marketplace

Well, I told you a couple of days ago I have been working on a new rabbit pattern. "Colonial Hattie". Well, she now has a chocolate bunny in her basket. Being so close to Easter i thought how fitting but to design a miniature chocolate bunny to go in her basket. The chocolate bunny looks good enough to eat!

Well, when my daughter was a little girl she loved to watch the Little House on the Prairie. She called them "her little girls". It was the cutest thing. Well, she is 35 now and has 5 babies of her own. I was remmebering how sweet that was and how she loved that show. Just remembering that beautiful memory gave me the inspiration for this rabbit with the bonnet.
I joined a new marketplace today. I am in a group on ebay and we have decided to launch a website. Please go visit my page:

And please check out the other ladies too. It is a wonderful group of ladies.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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