Sunday, August 15, 2010

I have finished 14 Santa Stars

I have finished 14 Santa Stars. I have been making one of a kind Santa star ornaments for 16 years. They are signed and dated. Each face is sculpted/carved from clay. I had the inspiration after taking a 40 hours of classes with Harley Refsal. He is a famous Scandinavian flat plane carver. He taught us how to carve on bass wood. Being labor intensive I turned to clay.
I am listing my Santa stars on Etsy. My user Id is Primitives by Gloria.


Patti said...

Spectacular Gloria!!

孫邦柔 said...
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Lori Hesch said...

I love the red one. Please send me info as we can into November so I can buy gifts for all my sisters. Thank you. Lori Hesch

Anonymous said...

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