Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Needle Felting and sewing

Well, it is time for one more cup of coffee. mmm so good!
I have now moved my whimsical little chick from ebay to Etsy. He is $4 less because the final fees are less. Most of my finished pieces will now be found on Etsy. I love to needle felt but it is a time consuming art. No patterns or molds used. I love this little chick. He was approx. 6 hours of labor.

Today I am going to start making my bigger totes with matching coin purse and make-up case. Even if you are a "wash and wear gal" I think these little travel pouches are a wonderful thing. Even though I love prim, folk art and vintage I have a dear love for the retro colors and designs. It is those darn 60's that did it to me!

In the summer I love to go on trips with a girlfriend. We scour the junk shops for old vintage necklaces and brooches. I make the zipper pulls from some of these beads.
Have a nice day. Looks like snow again.

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