Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tote bags

It is below zero in Vt. this morning. And the "Today" show is in Sugarbush Vt. I really wanted to go up there and see them but opted my warm living room. I figured it would be a mob scene up there. Meridith took the penquin plunge and dove into Lake Champlain. I can not imagine jumping itot the icy lake. BBBRRRRRR
Yesterday I strated making my tote bags again. I enjoy making them but it seems like I never have enough time in a day. In the next few month I will be filling my NEW Etsy store with lovely totes and accessories. There will vintage looking bags to country colors. I use only top quality quilt shop fabrics. No cheap box store fabrics. I also put a lot of love and care in each one.

My Etsy store link:
Shop handmade. It's the BEST!
Tomorrow I am going to blog about my weekly wool special. And I want to discuss my segments on Primsisterstalkradio.
Have a great day.