Friday, January 23, 2009

Felting Needles

Today I would to talk about a very useful tool. The felting needle. It is a needle that is approx. 3-4" long. It has tiny barbs on the end. So when poking the needle into wool roving it tangles the fibers thus felting them. It is also useful to doll makers. The primitive and folk artist use it to felt the doll's hair. It is very easy only requiring a lot of poking. It forces some of the fibers into the head of the thus securing them. No more yucky glue or stitching. Some reborn artists also use them. They carefully root one to two hairs at a time into the doll's head.

I sell felting needles on my supply pages of my websites. Hobby stores seldom carry them, so they are difficult to find.
If anyone is interested in seeing a video on needle felting Easter Eggs please email me at
I will email a short video free of charge.
Have a wonderful day. Gloria

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