Thursday, January 8, 2009

Suri Alpaca Fiber for Reborn dolls

Suri Alpaca fiber is the softest finest fiber there is except for an angora rabbit fur. The microns are less then angora mohair. Meaning it is finer. It is quickly gaining popularity with some very experienced reborn artist. These two dolls are white suri alpaca that was dyed black by the artist. The second picture is from Kathy Polakowski from Lil Heirlooms Nursery. And the first picture is of a beautiful doll Kelly Lynn Smith designed. She ran an on line class on this doll. Check out her classes on:


Janelle said...

It's amazing how REAL those babies look, and that hair is so perfect!
Love your new wool site, and now have it bookmarked..


fallin4ky said...

I too am rooting Kyoko with Suri Fiber. This wonderful fiber feels just like new baby hair. It also takes the color dye very easily. I am really enjoying rooting with this fiber and will order more for any future rooting needs. Keep growing that "Hair" Suri!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my...I though that was a real baby at is all i can say

Gloria Lowell said...

Hi Sue,
I would love a picture and a testimonial for my website. My email is :
Thanks for the nice commets.

Flower said...

That baby looks adorable! I love reborning too :)