Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Reborn artist's rooting mohair

Big storm here today. That is fine by me. I have been plenty of things to keep me busy, so I will spend the day inside working.

I have started a new testimonial page on my site. I am a folk artist but I have to say I am totally fascinated by the art of rooting mohair.

I know making up the mohair for the reborns is a ton of work. From the washing to dying to combing it out. After spend hours preparing it I then send it off to some very talented reborn artist. They spend days rooting several hairs at a time. The results looks like a real babies head. Here are some beautiful pictures that have been rooted from my mohair. The doll artists name is Kimberly Dawn from Angelic Treasures Nursery.
Tomorrow I am going to talk about rooting with Alpaca. Another spectacular fiber.


HowlingMoonDesigns said...

OMG that Doll is INCREDIBLE! What Talent..I cannot even imagine the time it must take to root the hair.

Single Momma of 4 said...

I was wondering if you can share what color dyes you use for which color?

Thanks so much!