Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Needle Felting and Kits

I am so excited about today. I grew up 20 miles from Hartford ,Ct. It was during the 60's. The riots in Harford were a scarey time. When I was 17 our car got pelted with rocks by angry young men. There were burning garbage barels in the middle of the street. I feel this country has come a long way since then. And I am very pleased and hopeful for our country. At 17 I would never dreamed that some time in my life a black man would be president. God bless America and god bless out new president.

Well, the topic of the day is needle felting but I had to address a very historic day.

Needle felting is a fun and rewarding craft. To think that a ball of sheep's wool can become a one of a kind piece of art. It is easy and only requires wool roving and a felting needle. Poking the needle into the wool roving over and over felts the wool, thus felting it. If you were to look at wool under a microscope you would see that each fiber has microscopic little scales. When applying heat or pressure to the fibers they tangle around each other. The tangling is known as felting.

I love the fact that needle felting is very portable. You can take it on vacation or to the drs. office. No sewing machines. And each finished piece is differnt and they are good conversation pieces. My needle felting kits can be found on http://www.mohairandwool.com/ Extra rovings and supplies can also be found on that site. Also on my pattern site. www.folkartpatterncompany.com

Have a wonderful day. Gloria

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invermont said...

I haven't done many felting pieces, and actually haven't touched my felting since last winter. Finding your blog was maybe the inspiration I needed....
Your blog is pretty neat.